OPEN SUBMISSIONS WEEK, December 2014: Press release and T&Cs

Blackfriars, the digital first literary imprint from Little, Brown Book Group, is opening its doors to un-agented submissions of literary novels for a limited one week period from the 1st-7th December.

Blackfriars was launched in June 2013 with the aim of discovering and nurturing new talent. Blackfriars has published a host of fiction and non-fiction titles since June 2013 including comedian Rob Delaney’s brilliant and critically acclaimed memoir, the much praised The Girl in the Road by Monica Byrne, Hild by Nicola Griffith and, most recently, Murder in Mississippi by John Safran.

The publishers of Blackfriars, Ursula Doyle and Clare Smith, commented:

‘Blackfriars has had a great first year, and has just published its first hardback with Nicola Griffith’s brilliant Hild. The open submissions week is aimed at opening a door for people from anywhere in the world who want their work read by editors with a view to publication.’

The open submission is an incredible opportunity for the imprint to discover and publish an exciting new literary voice. For one week from 1st-7th December 2014 (inclusive), previously unpublished writers can submit the first chapter, a one page synopsis of their novel and an author biography, by submitting via the email address

All submissions will be read by the imprint’s editors, Clare Smith and Ursula Doyle, and completed novels will be requested from the best writers to review further. All entered novels must be complete at the time of submission, written in English and at least 70,000 words long.  The author of the best submission will have the opportunity to further discuss their work with an editor at Blackfriars. For full terms and conditions please see below.


Notes to Editors

About Blackfriars
With the weight of an award-winning publisher and experienced in-house teams behind it, and the flexibility to respond to an ever-changing market, Blackfriars will be a key player in the rapidly evolving relationship between writers, readers and publishers.


Entry rules:

1. All submissions must be submitted through the email address and must contain ‘open submission’ in the subject title.

2. Submissions which have been sent by post or means other than email to the correct email address will not be accepted.

3. All submissions must be received by 23:59 GMT on 7th December 2014. Blackfriars will not review any submissions received after this date.

4. Each submission must contain:

(i) One chapter, with sequential page numbering included;

(ii) A one page synopsis of the whole book, including the complete plot and the story’s end; and

(iii) Author biography, to include creative writing courses attended, short stories published, prizes etc.

5. The submission must be in Word format and all submissions must be contained within one document.

6. Submissions that do not meet requirements of points 4-6 inclusive shall not be read.

7. Non-fiction and fiction ideas will be considered.

8. Submissions shall be limited to one book per person.

9. All novels sent in shall be fully completed at the time of submission.

10. All novels must be written in English.

11. Submissions must never have been self-published.

12. Submissions must never have been posted on publishing websites, forums or access platforms such as (but not limited to) Authonomy, Wattpad, Smashwords, Lulu, FanFiction, CompletelyNovel.

13. All novels must never have had an ISBN.

14. Authors must be unagented.

15. Blackfriars will make contact with any authors where they want to read the whole book.

16. Blackfriars’ decision is final; unsuccessful authors will not be notified.

17. You will retain all copyright in your submission and by submitting your novel you grant Blackfriars a licence to copy your submission and share it with its affiliates solely for the purpose of reviewing it.

18. Blackfriars will not be able to return any submissions, so please do make copies.

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