About Blackfriars

We offer a home both for people to discover, read and share wonderful new books as well as nurture talented writers.

We want this to be a place for you come to back to again and again where you know good stories are right at your fingertips.

We encourage you to browse, read, review, share and recommend work you feel should be part of our community.

Why we created Blackfriars

As commissioning editors, we read hundreds of manuscripts every year. Of these, we publish only a tiny fraction. And the decision we make depends not only on the manuscript itself; we need to think about scheduling, about competing titles, about retailer support, and so on. Sometimes, however much we might love a book, we just can’t find a way to publish it. And that can be frustrating.

The explosion in the ebook market has offered us the opportunity to bring more of the books we love to a UK readership. So here they are, and we hope you will love them too.